It's important to keep your wheels travelling in the same direction. If any of the following things are happening you may need a wheel alignment:


• It feels like your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other.
• You've recently had new tyres fitted.
• Parts in your suspension have been replaced.
• Your vehicle has hit anything on the road - like a pothole or unexpected bump.
• You simply haven't had one for a year or so.


Misaligned wheels can lead to the following problems:


• Higher fuel consumption.
• Shorter tyre life.
• Unsafe handling.
• Increased driver fatigue.


Have a professional wheel alignment carried out every six months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Our team have specialised equipment to fix this problem and get your vehicle back on the straight and narrow.


  Rotating your tyres regularly will make them last longer. We don't mean making them go around and around; a tyre rotation is changing the position of the tyre on the vehicle. It's simple but effective. Tyres can wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle. By regularly changing each tyre's position on your vehicle, it ensures that each of your tyres wear evenly.


  Unbalanced wheels can mean an unstable and unsafe vehicle. Our team has the gear and the know-how to fix this for you. This will involve placing your wheel and tyre on a balancing machine to ensure that the wheel spins correctly without any speed wobbles.


If your vehicle shakes at certain speeds, chances are you need a wheel balance. Whenever you have a new tyre fitted to your vehicle, it will need to be balanced. When repairing a puncture, the materials used in the process may put the wheel out of balance. So we recommend that a wheel balance is done after a puncture repair has been carried out.

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